Spa Parties

Spa Packages

Our D.I.Y. spa add-on to your party will give your child an unforgettable spa-tastic experience. 

This unique party experience includes mirrors, bowls for washing and rinsing, nail polish, manicure set, organic cucumbers, a body lotion, sugar scrub, a face mask and washcloths/hand towel.

To Keep: Each party guest will get their own robe, application brush/sticks, and headband and is welcome to keep any leftover spa products.


As an add-on to a slumber party or picnic party ( minimum of 4 guests)- $350

Each additional guest: $65 per

As it's own party service: $470 ( plus tax and $75 delivery/setup fee)


***All spa parties wether added on to a teepee party or as its own party service are D.I.Y. We do not stay and run the spa activities.