The TOP 5 Reasons to Hire a Party Planning Company

The TOP 5 Reasons to Hire a Party Planning Company

Have you ever scrolled Pinterest, and thought "I could do that", "I could make that"... Well, you could, but why would you? These are our TOP 5 REASONS to hire party planning company for your next event.

1. Your event is guaranteed to be magical!  

2. You can save money!  It may seem cheaper to make stuff on your own, but you end up spending more than you thought and end up with a bunch of stuff you will never use again.  

3. You can save time!

4. Support local business!  Every time we book an event, there is a local mom doing a happy dance!  We love to create and are honored to be chosen to make your event magical and unforgettable! 

5. You get to spend time with your loved ones enjoying the moment instead of worrying about decorations, set up, tear down, etc. The AZ Party Squad comes the day of your party and absolutely transforms your space.  You make some room and we do the rest, allowing you to do exactly that... rest! In the end, this is what is most important- that you were able to make lasting memories with your loved ones. 

The AZ Party Squad strives to take all the pressure off your shoulders by bringing the MAGIC to your party, so you can focus on enjoying the MOMENT.  

Get a head start on your child's next party. Book us today!

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