Love & Rain: J & L's Valentines Birthday Bash

Love & Rain: J & L's Valentines Birthday Bash

It is a cold, windy, and rainy Tuesday in Scottsdale, Arizona and one mama is getting ready to throw an epic party for two of her six kiddos.  It's also Valentine's Day.  This mama has it all planned out perfectly, sweet Minnie Mouse decor for her 3-year-old, L, and a outdoor nerf gun battle for her 12-year-old-son, J.  Everything is perfect...except the rain.  We stand under her covered patio looking out at her amazing one-acre property that is getting drenched in rain an hour before her party starts.  As we look over at this mama, expecting her to be devastated, she has her usual calm demeaner and a smile on her face.  "Let's set up some forts!" she declares.  And that's just what we do! 

For sweet, 3-year-old L, we set up an adorable red and pink valentines set up inside the living room.  She looks absolutely precious in her Minnie dress and after Dad drives her around to take a nap in the car, she is ready to party!  We have two indoor forts, one red and one pink, with a full slumber party set up to be used by the girls in the family after the party is over.  We use twin air mattresses to make each fort the perfect place to sleep.  Tray tables have a lantern (always a favorite part for the kiddos) and a sweet heart decoration.  L's has a special present on hers from Fort Frontier.  We chose some sweet heart pillows and garlands to round out the Valentine's decor.  It also matches perfectly with the Minnie party decor! 

For awesome, 12-year-old J, we set up two camouflage table forts.  These are like table cloths thrown over 6' folding tables.  They create the perfect place for them to hide and even have doors and windows to shoot their opponents from.  J cannot wait to test them out.  He has inherited his Mama's demeaner and is cool as a cucumber.  He even has a glint of excitement in his eye at the idea of the mud making his nerf battle even more fun.

For some added fun, we set up two forts outside for the littles to play under.  They ended up in a pile of mud (it happens!) but that's okay because we wash them in between parties.  

We were just so grateful to have been able to be a part of this cute party and to experience such grace and gratitude from this Mama of six.  She was truly amazing and we couldn't have been more happy to make her vision a reality.  


Rain or shine, nothing stops the Fort Frontier Party Squad from making your party a magical experience.  

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