Hearts & Giggles: A Valentines Slumber Party

Hearts & Giggles: A Valentines Slumber Party


It's the weekend of Valentine's Day and love is in the air... love for our best friends.  Two sweet sisters were the winners of our Valentines Slumber Party Giveaway and they were going to make the most out of it!  Both were able to invite one friend, so they chose their besties, of course!

The girls come home from school to see a playroom transformed!  Four red and pink forts are lined up and are decorated beautifully.  Be mine banners and string lights make the most precious sight. There are heart pillows and cozy pink blankets that are just so inviting.  The girls cannot wait to get into their forts!  Each fort has a tray table with a lantern and sleep mask for the girls to keep.   

Mom has created the cutest room full of hearts and love. The dining table has a sweet tablecloth that can be colored on and is full of cookies and crafts for the girls to do during their party. 

The girls spend the evening giggling and playing when it's finally time for lights out... but the giggling continues. 

The best part?  When Mom and Dad woke up the next day, they knew they wouldn't have to do any of the clean up because the Party Squad was on their way!

We had so much fun planning this sweet party for the sweetest little girls!  Thank you for letting us be a part of it! 

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